Want to know how your website stacks up against your competitors?

Try our Free Instant Website Auditor. No waiting for the audit to be emailed to you! Enter your website URL, email and phone number hit submit button and watch the magic happen instantly. Your report is generated in PDF format.

The Free Website Auditor will grade your website on the strength of a range of important factors. Such as on-page SEO optimization, off-page backlinks, social, performance, security and more. The overall grade is on a A+ to F- scale, with most major industry leading websites in the A range. Improving a website’s grade is recommended to ensure a better website experience. This is for your users and improved ranking and visibility by search engines.

It identifies the strengths and opportunities of your website on 5 major categories, SEO, Usability, Performance, Social and Security. Then identifies opportunities and provides suggestions of what to fix.

The free website auditor is simple. It is broken down in terms any layperson can understand. It is a great free tool which will help you to gain insight on your website performance. And also the way it is viewed by the search engines.

Our free website auditor compare to others

While there are a lot of free website auditors out there. Most of them are solely for capture of your email to generate sales for the company. The majority require that you fill out your information and wait for them to contact you with the results. They have a high-pressure sales person call you to go over the results with you. Yes we are an SEO company as well and yes we want your business.

However, we will never pressure any potential client or spam you with emails. Our Free Website Audit is immediate, so you don’t have to wait to be contacted. We may send you one follow-up email if we feel we can help you. We may also do a manual audit and Search Engine Ranked Page (SERP) report of your website and email that to you.

The SERP report is another tool we use for our clients. In which it can show you exactly what page and position your website comes up on for specific keywords/phrases. Want to know what page your website comes up for your industry we will tell you.

What’s next?

After you have reviewed the Free Website Audit and SERP reports we hope you will reach out to us for our very inexpensive SEO service which will fix most of the issues on your website and start your journey to the first page. We provide only white hat SEO service and best of all you will never be locked into a contract. We do not require our clients to sign a contract for any length of time. If we don’t produce results fire us!! It’s that simple.

Free Website Auditor


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